Roller conveyors

  • packing line for crowns (tops) of Sand-Lime Bricks (SLB) KM Beta comp., Bzenec
  • packing line for Concrete Roofing Tiles (CRT) KM Beta comp., Bzenec, Kyjov

Chain conveyors

  • packing line for crowns, VPC- KM Beta comp., Bzenec
  • packing line BSK- KM Beta comp., Kyjov, Bzenec 
  • production line for accessories BSK- KM Beta comp., Kyjov
  • round wood processing line - ŠLP, Křtiny

Belt conveyors

  • packing line BSK – KM BETA comp., Kyjov
  • production line for accessories BSK – KM BETA comp., Kyjov
  • transportation of  lift rods – brick factory Repov

Box feeders

  • sorting line for fillings, SEEIF Ceramic, division Svitavy
  • production documentation for Strojírny podzimek, Třešť

Chain shifters

    • transportation of  kiln wagons (15 tons) in a VKP (car-type furnace) hall,  SEEIF Ceramic comp., Rájec-Jestřebí

    • new tunnel kiln TPP Olomouc, Ltd., supply tracks, P-D Refractories comp., V. Opatovice

Rope shifters

  • new tunnel kiln, TPP Olomouc, Ltd. – P-D Refractories a.s., V. Opatovice
  • hardening room for a supplement production line CRT – KM Beta  Comp. Kyjov