About us

The company KIP Brno, ltd. was founded in 1992, it is a purely Czech company that has and builds its business activities not only in the company's headquarters and its wider surroundings, but also in other regions of the Czech Republic and abroad.

The company focuses its business activities to the fields of electrical engineering, industrial automation, power industry and engineering, where it offers activities ranging from providing consultancy through design activities to the realization and commissioning of the work. In the field of designing and intelligent building solutions, the company focuses on civil and public construction and reconstruction of existing buildings using the latest innovations usable in individual applications and projects while complying with applicable standards and regulations.

The company KIP Brno, ltd. is a long-term stable company operating on the Czech and foreign markets, providing its customers with products and services with a high added and useful value. 





The company KIP Brno, ltd. builds its strategy according to the products offered.

In the field of electrical engineering, industrial automation and engineering, the company pursues a targeted differentiation strategy. The strategy is based on the perfect knowledge of the customer and his requirements, which must be adapted to the product or service with an emphasis on the quality of the work.

In the area of cable system design - CABLING DESIGN AND MANAGEMENT in large industrial plants (power engineering - nuclear power plants, combined cycle power plants), the company monitors the strategy of differentiation, which aims to gain a competitive advantage of the company based on the uniqueness of products or services offered to the buyer. In this case, it is the TRACEMAN® product and related accompanying services. The strategy aims at gaining a higher market share in the market and gaining a significant position in this area.



The company KIP Brno, ltd. was established with the aim of providing its customers with products and services tailored to their needs, especially in the areas of electrical engineering, industrial automation and mechanical engineering. As a result of the successful launch of the company and the search for new opportunities, the company expanded its business activities into the energy sector, where it has been providing its customers with cabling design and management services for more than 15 years. Part of the project delivery is also ensuring the implementation phase in the form of comprehensive coordination of the construction of supporting cable systems and cabling.



The company KIP Brno, ltd., wants to continue to provide new and existing customers with a professional approach, develop a high standard of quality of offered products and services and provide accompanying services to their maximum satisfaction.
We want to participate in deliveries within the planned construction of new nuclear power plant in the Czech Republic in Temelín and Dukovany.
We are the owner of significant know-how in the field of cabling and cable supporting system design in large power plants done by TRACEMAN®