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In the area of ELECTRICAL INSTALLATION our company provides services from ELECTRICAL INSTALLATION to DELIVERY and ASSEMBLY to REVISION and electrical appliances.





Design works in the field of electrical installation are  provided by KIP Brno Ltd in design of heavy and light current distribution and lightning and surge protection. Design works are provided at all levels:


  1. Documentation for area management
  2. Documentation for building permit
  3. Documentation for the construction assignment
  4. Implementation design documentation
  5. Processing of the total budget costs of the building
  6. Author's supervision during construction realization


The budget costs are processed using Verox software from Astra Zlín. Other modern programs such as SICHR for fusing selectivity and loop impedance, Wils computational program for artificial lighting, and others are also used to process design documentation.



In the area of private construction, the projects are focused primarily on the construction of new logistics centres or the reconstruction of existing (mostly residential) houses into office spaces which are subject to completely different requirements. With their specific requirements projects for the reconstruction of hotels and canteens are represented. The projects also include the construction of new sports centres with facilities.



Civil construction is represented by projects for the construction of new apartment buildings which have been solved since the construction of new transformer stations with a connection to the HV network, or within smaller groups of family houses with connection to existing LV networks or extensions to existing apartment buildings or detached family houses . An irreplaceable area is the reconstruction of existing apartment buildings where the greatest problem is the unsatisfactory wiring due to the increasing energy intensity of individual households and the "out-of-date" distribution of aluminium conductors and cables. The company has also processed among other things the revitalization of a multi-storey hotel for an apartment building with several dozen apartments or a complete reconstruction of an apartment building with subsequent use for office space and housing units.



Deliveries of equipment for industrial automation cannot do without project documentation. It is processed in most cases as an implementation design documentation and documentation of the actual state after completion of the assembly works is a matter of course. When designing projects for the industry great emphasis is placed on the full functionality of the equipment under the possible effects of external influences (dusty environment, humidity, environments with high temperature fluctuations, etc.). Experience has shown that underestimating the aforementioned external influences can significantly affect the functionality of the equipment, which may result in damage or complete destruction of the equipment.



In the field of public construction, the construction of new retirement houses (nursing houses), houses for the elderly, school workshops, schools or workshops for disabled people is represented. Reconstructions were carried out for example for the tax office, the labour office or the construction and reconstruction of the Institute for State Control of Veterinary Biological and Drugs (ISCVBD) in Brno.




Heavy current electrical installation


Our company provides electrical installations of heavy current distributions both in the construction of new buildings and in the reconstruction of existing buildings. Very frequent reconstruction works are the major reconstruction of main house distribution systems and existing sanitary units, where the energy intensity has increased in the last few years and this electrical installation is in most cases unsuitable for current requirements and at the end of its service life.


Weak current electrical installation


In the area of low-voltage distribution, the company focuses primarily on the installation of home telephones in the construction of new buildings, the reconstruction of existing buildings or just as a new system of communication between housing units and entry into the house in those apartment buildings where this system was not installed.


Revision and control of electrical appliances


All the electrical installation work are delivered with initial inspection report, which is provided by inspection technicians.

With increasing requirements for inspections of appliances used in office and commercial premises we perform these inspections with employees with valid E4 / A certificate for inspections of electrical appliances during use according to valid Czech technical standards.

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